Van winter tot winter (’19 – ’20)

De tijd is hier waar we door het donker naar het licht gaan. Zoals de nacht vanzelf verandert in een nieuwe dag. Ik merk sinds een aantal jaren op hoe magisch deze tijd is. De tijd van de langste nacht, met de meeste donkere uren wanneer de zon eventjes stil lijkt te staan in deMeer lezen over “Van winter tot winter (’19 – ’20)”


I have learned Winter is a calming time, a relaxing time, a quiet time, a reflective time. A time to become more still, listen more, a time to take notice. But Winter can be an intense time if I ignore all of this. By accident I stumbled upon the importance of taking notice of theMeer lezen over “WINTRY SHADES OF GREEN”

Een terugblik (Dutch)

Dit jaar komt bijna aan zijn einde en dit decennium ook… Zoals ik al eerder heb gezegd vertellen jaren mij niet zo heel veel. Seizoenen vertellen mij meer. Het begin van de winter, met de zon die na de langste nacht even stil lijkt te staan en dan langzaam aan weer steeds ietsje langer gaatMeer lezen over “Een terugblik (Dutch)”

WINTER SOLSTICE ~ The Winter Is Here’

This past year has been quite wild. Much growth, which brought up doubt and fear. Bringing borders to cross and others to get to know better. Winter is here and since last year’s winter it has introduced me to a new space. A space for resting, pausing, reflecting, exhaling, painting… Expressing myself is what feelsMeer lezen over “WINTER SOLSTICE ~ The Winter Is Here’”

Extra Hours Of Darkness

What a dense couple of weeks. They were full of emotion, over-stimulation, exhaustion. My mind has been so full, too full. I am trying to detangle my mind, I am trying to quiet my mind. Somewhere in the last few months I stopped sitting down with myself, a time where I would calm my mind,Meer lezen over “Extra Hours Of Darkness”

Mercury Retrograde & an Ending of Winter

What a retrograde thus far. Bumping into old obstacles, habits and thought patterns. I am bumping into triggers. I am trying to redirect my habits into new ones and to rewire certain thought patterns into gentler and love filled ones. Trying to look at what pops up from a distance. Asking myself ‘what’s the lessonMeer lezen over “Mercury Retrograde & an Ending of Winter”

a New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & my Moontime

These days seem fluid like water. In a flowing kind of way and in an ungraspable kind of way. I keep making space by reminding myself to trust, to feel, to simply move with what it may be that appears on my horizon. To flow like water. Last night’s New Moon reminded me of theMeer lezen over “a New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & my Moontime”

As Winter is turning into Spring

I have been noticing this Winter has been different to me compared to other Winters before. This Winter I half consciously and half subconsciously decided to focus on deep cleansing, growing roots, releasing, grounding; earthing, self reflecting, hibernating and on transformations. I have been opening my eyes more to the beauty surrounding me, to theMeer lezen over “As Winter is turning into Spring”

Imbolc, a New Moon, a New Cycle; a fresh start

The past week has felt like a tiresome birth. Slow and step by step. It has felt like it All needed time. Like it still needs time. Time to move through, to sit with, to listen to, to be birthed from. Now, I feel the soft energy change, slowly. Remarkable how it keeps bringing meMeer lezen over “Imbolc, a New Moon, a New Cycle; a fresh start”

Winter, a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse and my Moontime

Mama Earth has been drumming a low, grounding and slow beat since Winter arrived. With her came the cold wind which can hurt my ears and can turn my fingers and toes numb. The cold, crisp air also softly sways my body, my hands. A sacred teacher, invited through opened up windows. I know you.Meer lezen over “Winter, a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse and my Moontime”