Bolivia – So many firsts

May 8th – From San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) we went to Uyuni (Bolivia) by bus, early in the morning. Looking back at our time in Bolivia it was a couple of weeks filled with highlights. One after the the other. It was almost constant, like seriously BAM, BAM, BAM. One might think ‘that mustMeer lezen over “Bolivia – So many firsts”

The Mapuche, a temazcal and desierto de Atacama – A couple words on Chile

Sí po, ¿Cachai? Weón y Pololo. Before I begin, I have to talk about something else before I talk about our five weeks in Chile. Or something else, it exactly has to do with Chile, very much so. Recently I noticed that a lot of people from Argentina on Facebook wrote ‘Soy [insert own name],Meer lezen over “The Mapuche, a temazcal and desierto de Atacama – A couple words on Chile”

Ñandús & Gauchito Gil – A little something on Argentina

It has been so long since the last time I wrote about our adventure. Due to some problem with our website, it took me this long to finally write again. The last country I wrote about we traveled through was Uruguay. We left Uruguay on February 12th this year and went back to Argentina. IMeer lezen over “Ñandús & Gauchito Gil – A little something on Argentina”

Welcoming a new year (2017)

It’s January, it’s 2017. As long as I can remember I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my mind around time. It is the strangest concept ever if you ask me. Tom and I celebrated this past christmas and new year’s eve very low key. In Tom’s words “It was pretty much like any otherMeer lezen over “Welcoming a new year (2017)”

Toucans, hammer frogs and tapioca

After a 23 hour ride we arrived in Florianópolis and before going to our next workaway we booked an Airbnb for two nights to have some time for ourselves and to hard core relax after the long bus ride. We didn’t do too much once we got to Florianópolis. We enjoyed the swimmingpool, strolled aroundMeer lezen over “Toucans, hammer frogs and tapioca”