The wisdom of my intuition

When I open my eyes in the morning the darkness greets me, during late afternoons it descends. A time period centered around darkness. The past couple weeks my intuition strongly invited me to trust her, to dance along with her. I have been finding myself dancing around my inner fire, with closed eyes listening toMeer lezen over “The wisdom of my intuition”

The Shadow Self, lessons from Autumn and a Full Moon

There are conversations that can carry so much weight. Filled with words that can wound. If like they have sharp teeth. But I have found the weight is mostly present before and during the spoken words. Afterwards it creates open air, some kind of an exhale. An exhale in tears, in understanding, in listening. AnMeer lezen over “The Shadow Self, lessons from Autumn and a Full Moon”

The darkness, the shadow

My mind is shifting, my body at times as well. This newer era is being exposed through the clouds, the mist, through the cold. The past twelve months I have been moving through fear, pain, resentment, confusion, tears, heartbreak, sadness, endings. A time of digging through the shadow, the darkness. A time of sitting withMeer lezen over “The darkness, the shadow”