What Mama Earth Showed Me

Two years after my long term travels came to an end, seeing its purpose becomes easier and clearer. The distance between then and now keeps expanding, time has brought me space to move through. Combined together I traveled for almost two and half years. Through parts of southern Europe and through a part of SouthMeer lezen over “What Mama Earth Showed Me”

The Dance of Spring

There she is, Spring. Along with her came her dance of change. This past month asked me to become quiet. To merely feel and to move along with it and through it All. The wind brought along new whispers, the Sun brought his dance of warmth, the Earth performs her dance of growth. Moments whereMeer lezen over “The Dance of Spring”

The light of Spring, the Full Moon & my Heart

I am awestruck, Spring has arrived all blooming. With singing birds, seeds sprouting, the warm Sun shining and longer hours of light. This past Winter was beautiful, completely in its own way. Full of wisdom, medicine, healing. So much silence, exhaling, grounding, hibernation and transformation. Spring feels like a true Rebirth and I am amazed.Meer lezen over “The light of Spring, the Full Moon & my Heart”

Mercury Retrograde & an Ending of Winter

What a retrograde thus far. Bumping into old obstacles, habits and thought patterns. I am bumping into triggers. I am trying to redirect my habits into new ones and to rewire certain thought patterns into gentler and love filled ones. Trying to look at what pops up from a distance. Asking myself ‘what’s the lessonMeer lezen over “Mercury Retrograde & an Ending of Winter”

As Winter is turning into Spring

I have been noticing this Winter has been different to me compared to other Winters before. This Winter I half consciously and half subconsciously decided to focus on deep cleansing, growing roots, releasing, grounding; earthing, self reflecting, hibernating and on transformations. I have been opening my eyes more to the beauty surrounding me, to theMeer lezen over “As Winter is turning into Spring”

Igniting That Inner Fire

I know how to let my inner fire burn. I know how to nourish her. By moving through my creative processes. By giving myself what I need like sitting with myself, being close to Mama Earth, finding medicine, giving myself the option to heal through being present, painting, writing and playing with clay. By payingMeer lezen over “Igniting That Inner Fire”

Imbolc, a New Moon, a New Cycle; a fresh start

The past week has felt like a tiresome birth. Slow and step by step. It has felt like it All needed time. Like it still needs time. Time to move through, to sit with, to listen to, to be birthed from. Now, I feel the soft energy change, slowly. Remarkable how it keeps bringing meMeer lezen over “Imbolc, a New Moon, a New Cycle; a fresh start”

Winter, a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse and my Moontime

Mama Earth has been drumming a low, grounding and slow beat since Winter arrived. With her came the cold wind which can hurt my ears and can turn my fingers and toes numb. The cold, crisp air also softly sways my body, my hands. A sacred teacher, invited through opened up windows. I know you.Meer lezen over “Winter, a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse and my Moontime”

Winter Solstice, Capricorn season and a Full Moon in Cancer

Yesterday was overflowing with feeling grateful, so many beautiful and kind human beings surrounded me. It was a beautiful day. At night I carved out time to sit with myself and the Cosmos to celebrate and to welcome the Winter Solstice and Capricorn season. Heart warming and eye opening thoughts came up, I turned quiet,Meer lezen over “Winter Solstice, Capricorn season and a Full Moon in Cancer”