SUNNA REES EN KLOM ~ een nawoord

De maanden bewegen zich voort. De tijd lijkt nog sneller te gaan wanneer mijn hoofd propvol zit, wanneer mijn lijf overweldigd is en elke zenuw in mijn lijf lijkt te schreeuwen, huilen, overspoelen, lachen, dansen, rennen en vrezen. Meestal tegelijkertijd. Kalmte zoeken, rust nemen. Hoe doe ik dat? Mag ik dat? Hoe omarm ik dat?Meer lezen over “SUNNA REES EN KLOM ~ een nawoord”


I have learned Winter is a calming time, a relaxing time, a quiet time, a reflective time. A time to become more still, listen more, a time to take notice. But Winter can be an intense time if I ignore all of this. By accident I stumbled upon the importance of taking notice of theMeer lezen over “WINTRY SHADES OF GREEN”

WINTER SOLSTICE ~ The Winter Is Here’

This past year has been quite wild. Much growth, which brought up doubt and fear. Bringing borders to cross and others to get to know better. Winter is here and since last year’s winter it has introduced me to a new space. A space for resting, pausing, reflecting, exhaling, painting… Expressing myself is what feelsMeer lezen over “WINTER SOLSTICE ~ The Winter Is Here’”

Moments of Autumn

And there came Autumn… sweeping me up, taking me along by the hand, reintroducing me, us all really, to change. Autumn used to be this unpleasant announcement to cooler winds, rain, the change in the air and the inevitable reminder of having to let go. I never quite understood why people enjoyed this season becauseMeer lezen over “Moments of Autumn”

What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 3

(Both photos, pictured above, were taken in ‘het Hunebed Centrum’) It has been a little while since I last wrote as part of this series. Lots has been brewing and taking shape ‘behind the scenes’. I was living and still am living in a space where it isn’t much about sharing yet. Instead it isMeer lezen over “What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 3”

What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 2

It’s interesting if you ask me, the way it all works. I have never listened as closely to myself as I do now. Never followed or even allowed my own pace as I do now, never trusted my intuition and my gut feeling as much as I do now and never before has it AllMeer lezen over “What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 2”

Winter Solstice, Capricorn season and a Full Moon in Cancer

Yesterday was overflowing with feeling grateful, so many beautiful and kind human beings surrounded me. It was a beautiful day. At night I carved out time to sit with myself and the Cosmos to celebrate and to welcome the Winter Solstice and Capricorn season. Heart warming and eye opening thoughts came up, I turned quiet,Meer lezen over “Winter Solstice, Capricorn season and a Full Moon in Cancer”

The wisdom of my intuition

When I open my eyes in the morning the darkness greets me, during late afternoons it descends. A time period centered around darkness. The past couple weeks my intuition strongly invited me to trust her, to dance along with her. I have been finding myself dancing around my inner fire, with closed eyes listening toMeer lezen over “The wisdom of my intuition”

The Shadow Self, lessons from Autumn and a Full Moon

There are conversations that can carry so much weight. Filled with words that can wound. If like they have sharp teeth. But I have found the weight is mostly present before and during the spoken words. Afterwards it creates open air, some kind of an exhale. An exhale in tears, in understanding, in listening. AnMeer lezen over “The Shadow Self, lessons from Autumn and a Full Moon”