September bracht een warme nazomer, het evenwicht tussen ’t licht en de duisternis en een einde met regenachtige dagen. Nog maar een paar jaar geleden hikte ik inwendig aan tegen het evenwicht want het hield in dat gauw de duisternis zou gaan lengen en lengen. Een paar jaar terug ging ik me afvragen waarom ikMeer lezen over “OOGSTEN & HOOPJES HOOP”

Extra Hours Of Darkness

What a dense couple of weeks. They were full of emotion, over-stimulation, exhaustion. My mind has been so full, too full. I am trying to detangle my mind, I am trying to quiet my mind. Somewhere in the last few months I stopped sitting down with myself, a time where I would calm my mind,Meer lezen over “Extra Hours Of Darkness”

In the midst of the season of change

Shorter days and longer nights, they invite me to turn inwards. To turn quiet and to feel. To feel what needs my attention, what needs care, what needs tending. It is time to rediscover my own pace, to remember action speaks louder than words but this too is asking me to follow my own pace.Meer lezen over “In the midst of the season of change”

Moments of Autumn

And there came Autumn… sweeping me up, taking me along by the hand, reintroducing me, us all really, to change. Autumn used to be this unpleasant announcement to cooler winds, rain, the change in the air and the inevitable reminder of having to let go. I never quite understood why people enjoyed this season becauseMeer lezen over “Moments of Autumn”

When Autumn knocks on my door

Summer came bursting, warm and sometimes hot, blooming and bright. A time I promised myself to rest and to be productive. To take it slow, to go outside and enjoy the sun but to also work on my ideas I have for a Velvet Uproar. I didn’t always manage to balance rest and productivity equallyMeer lezen over “When Autumn knocks on my door”