Moments of Autumn

And there came Autumn… sweeping me up, taking me along by the hand, reintroducing me, us all really, to change. Autumn used to be this unpleasant announcement to cooler winds, rain, the change in the air and the inevitable reminder of having to let go. I never quite understood why people enjoyed this season becauseMeer lezen over “Moments of Autumn”

When Autumn knocks on my door

Summer came bursting, warm and sometimes hot, blooming and bright. A time I promised myself to rest and to be productive. To take it slow, to go outside and enjoy the sun but to also work on my ideas I have for a Velvet Uproar. I didn’t always manage to balance rest and productivity equallyMeer lezen over “When Autumn knocks on my door”

Remnants of Summer

For a long time, words have not come out as easily, as willingly, as necessary. This summer was a lot about being, enjoying, working outside, settling into our new home and breathing out. As september came, so did the cooler nights and the necessity of making a fire each night. It feels so magical. IMeer lezen over “Remnants of Summer”

What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 3

(Both photos, pictured above, were taken in ‘het Hunebed Centrum’) It has been a little while since I last wrote as part of this series. Lots has been brewing and taking shape ‘behind the scenes’. I was living and still am living in a space where it isn’t much about sharing yet. Instead it isMeer lezen over “What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 3”

What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 2

It’s interesting if you ask me, the way it all works. I have never listened as closely to myself as I do now. Never followed or even allowed my own pace as I do now, never trusted my intuition and my gut feeling as much as I do now and never before has it AllMeer lezen over “What Mama Earth Showed Me Part 2”

What Mama Earth Showed Me

Two years after my long term travels came to an end, seeing its purpose becomes easier and clearer. The distance between then and now keeps expanding, time has brought me space to move through. Combined together I traveled for almost two and half years. Through parts of southern Europe and through a part of SouthMeer lezen over “What Mama Earth Showed Me”