In the midst of the season of change

Shorter days and longer nights, they invite me to turn inwards. To turn quiet and to feel. To feel what needs my attention, what needs care, what needs tending. It is time to rediscover my own pace, to remember action speaks louder than words but this too is asking me to follow my own pace. It is merely about explaining myself a little less and to let action speak its own words. It is time to level up, to take the next step and to indulge myself into this new space.

I keep discovering new parts of myself and instead of constantly redefining myself, I am learning, at least for now, there’s no need for defining anything. It all simply is. Constantly changing.

We are in the midst of the season of change, we are preparing our home for winter, soon hopefully our little garden as well. Nights are turning colder and mornings are crisp. It’s bringing me closer and closer to the Earth. Learning things take time. It takes some time to warm up a space when you make a fire and so does, coming back to myself. Summer truly in every way speaks loudly to us about and shows us to bloom, to move beyond ourselves into the physical world. A time period to live in a more external manner. Now, I strongly feel, Autumn speaks soft volumes in decay and turning inwards; coming back to myself. I am taking notice of the ways in which I am and I am not nourishing my body, how I am moving my body, reminding myself to carve out time to sit with myself and to feel. To merely feel, to lean into the vastness, to lean into change.

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