Moments of Autumn

And there came Autumn… sweeping me up, taking me along by the hand, reintroducing me, us all really, to change. Autumn used to be this unpleasant announcement to cooler winds, rain, the change in the air and the inevitable reminder of having to let go. I never quite understood why people enjoyed this season because to me it all sounded uncomfortable and unpleasant maybe even horrific from time to time.

With time I learned there is so much to find within change, even beauty. The reminder that nothing is permanent except change itself, to me, is uncomfortable and comforting at the same time. We are always growing into new versions of ourselves. In relationships (to ourselves and others), in character, in our norms and values, in what we like and do not like and so on.

There’s a mirror right in front of me. I cannot escape myself. I am the one taking notice when I postpone promises I made with myself, when I shut off inner excess from my intuition and my feelings from my body. That’s the beauty I have found in Autumn, it’s the inescapable mirror. The moment to dive a little deeper, to let go a little further, to trust a little more, to listen a little closer, to push a little harder; moments of change. Moments of Autumn.

I have taken all pictures in the Eifel, Germany.

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