The light of Spring, the Full Moon & my Heart

I am awestruck, Spring has arrived all blooming. With singing birds, seeds sprouting, the warm Sun shining and longer hours of light. This past Winter was beautiful, completely in its own way. Full of wisdom, medicine, healing. So much silence, exhaling, grounding, hibernation and transformation. Spring feels like a true Rebirth and I am amazed. I am ready. What a magical time.

What has been coming up real clear are the words I wrote down at the beginning of this year “To receive guidance, the answer is to dare to ask for it.” I am finding so much beauty in realizing each person surrounding me can teach and show me something new to learn, to new eye openers and new ways. I realized I used to demand my parents to be the examples I longed to see in everything. Realizing everybody surrounding me can be those examples for certain areas in my life was ground breaking to me. It lifted a weight off of my parents I unknowingly put onto them. And not so much in their experience but in my own. It lifted a weight off of my parents in my mind. In a certain area in my life they teach me tons and in other areas other people do. The sensation of feeling the strong connection to other people blossomed open. As did the sensation of feeling supported.

This Mercury Retrograde brought up some tough, old triggers. Learning it is mainly about allowing myself to feel true softness, gentleness and kindness. To be real honest with myself throughout the whole process and to create new patterns of behavior. That hitting the Rest and Pause button can look differently with each time I need it. The main thing is that there’s no experience of pressure. Last year really invited me to take a couple steps ‘back’, we are always taking steps forward but I experienced it as taking steps back at that time, and it was so necessary to come back to myself. To be able to dive deep, to be rooted, more grounded, to be able to stand firm on my strong legs. This Spring is reminding me yet again and again to go Step by Step. To feel my own pace, to leap into excitement, new experiences, new challenges on a more external plane. It feels like it’s inviting me to dance. To dance from intuition, to always find trust within myself and the Cosmos. The most eye opening lesson Mercury Retrograde has taught me is to not let the Pause and Rest button influence my Self Worth because honestly that’s nothing but ridiculous. Productivity does not define my Self Worth.Let my Self Worth embody how much I have grown into myself. It is not all building, building, building. It is a whole lot more about healing, growing, being. Bringing myself home to myself.

The light of Spring, of the Full Moon, of my Heart has been blooming into my whole entire being and I am dancing wildly, softly like only the Wind knows.

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