Mercury Retrograde & an Ending of Winter

What a retrograde thus far. Bumping into old obstacles, habits and thought patterns. I am bumping into triggers. I am trying to redirect my habits into new ones and to rewire certain thought patterns into gentler and love filled ones. Trying to look at what pops up from a distance. Asking myself ‘what’s the lesson here?’

Trying my best at releasing what doesn’t serve me (any longer). Taking a real honest look at what it is that’s clogging up mind, system, love, acceptance, expansion and growth. Recently I have been looking into the concept of ‘mirroring’. A very interesting concept to me. ‘All our relationships are like a mirror. What we like or do not like about other people tells us a lot. When another person triggers something within us we are being pulled into a hidden quality of ourselves. The things you do not like about other people actually mirrors the parts of ourselves to us we do not like or reject. All our annoyances tell us something about ourselves. It tells us something about our beliefs; how should I be and how should I definitely not be. What we allow ourselves to be, we also like to see mirrored in the people surrounding us. These people we like.’ Recently I read that the solution to external difficulty is to face the same within ourselves. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Sitting with myself and seeing what comes up. Asking myself which parts of myself need my attention? Which parts need my presence? Which parts need healing?

Mercury Retrogrades seem to always hit the PAUSE button real loud and clear. Reminding me to slow it all down. To bring me back into my body. Have I already rewired my thought patterns into softer, gentler, kinder, more love filled ones? The answer keeps being “No, not really there yet.” All of that redirects to Self Worth and Self Love. Have I fully embraced every single part of me yet? “No, not really there yet.” Hitting the nail on its head.

The Next Step In My Healing – Fully Stepping Into My Self Worth

These times bring a lot to the surface, it brings a lot of insights and I can choose to learn from all of them. I am shifting my perspective and I am starting to truly see them as teachers, to embrace them with gratitude. They can bring me so much medicine and healing. Listen to my belly, to my digestive system, to my gut feeling. The place where I process it All from food to emotions.

These times are here to remind and to show me to shake loose, to celebrate, to look at how far I have come! I am finding myself surrounded by people and in places I wished for! I leaped, while trusting, into directions I longed to move towards! I am shaking loose from fear, doubt, hesitation and old patterns!

These times remind me to not fall back into old habits and thought patterns. To not let old triggers affect my Self Worth. To face the triggers that are coming up and to trust, trust, trust myself and the Cosmos. And to keep coming back to my Self Worth.

As Winter is coming close to its ending I feel the exciting leap coming towards me. Do I trust? Do I dare? Do I believe? Do I welcome the change?

Currently I am exhaling in the pause and I continue to come home, again and again, to my heart, to the space I am expanding for myself and to trust. I remind myself to return to my Self Worth whenever I feel lost. TO BE PRESENT, TO BE PRESENT, TO BE PRESENT. TO GIVE MYSELF MY OWN TRUE PRESENCE.

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