a New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & my Moontime

These days seem fluid like water. In a flowing kind of way and in an ungraspable kind of way. I keep making space by reminding myself to trust, to feel, to simply move with what it may be that appears on my horizon. To flow like water. Last night’s New Moon reminded me of the importance of being soft, kind and gentle with myself. Especially when my day unfolds differently than I had planned. If my body needs time to slow down, to listen, to answer her by doing so. And to remember whatever I tell myself I have to do, can also be done tomorrow as long as I tell myself and the people around me how much I appreciate and love them then my day can turn into tomorrow.

It was also the last New Moon of this Winter and that’s really bringing up All the feelings. What a beautiful Winter it has been. I opened my eyes to the Wisdom surrounding me and the eye-openers and lessons it holds. This Winter really has been birthing me. I can’t really explain it… it is like this, I am birthed from darkness. It truly feels like a Rebirth. This Winter, as I have mentioned before, I have been focusing on grounding, on earthing on laying down nourishing soil for seeds to sprout. A sacred time of Darkness. This last bit of Winter, feels warm, known, like diving down deep into my Womb and being present there. I am sitting with Winter, with its tides along with mine. Each morning I am focusing on creating space within myself.

What the New Moon, the start of Mercury Retrograde and my Moontime have taught me thus far is to pause. To not only focus on growing, on building but to take my time in flowing with the Water, to be as soft with myself in the way Water flows. Before Spring arrives, during this Rebirth, through laying down seeds to sprout to sit down, to breathe in deep, to play with paint! with clay! with words! To pause in this change and to follow the rhythm of Winter for now.

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