Igniting That Inner Fire

I know how to let my inner fire burn. I know how to nourish her. By moving through my creative processes. By giving myself what I need like sitting with myself, being close to Mama Earth, finding medicine, giving myself the option to heal through being present, painting, writing and playing with clay.

By paying close attention to my body. Asking her how she’s feeling, what she needs, which parts ask for attention. Which foods does she long for? What kind of tea is she asking for? Am I drinking enough water? Am I playing enough? Am I dancing enough? Am I moving her enough? By sitting with her, giving her my devoted attention and through listening I am letting her know how much I appreciate her. She’s so beautiful. How she holds space for me to settle into, to feel, to move through, to retreat into. She’s holding space for me to ground, to feel centered, to grow, to feel hugged and to hug, to feel loved and to love.

She told me quite clearly how she doesn’t want to speak loudly or send of signals. She just wants me to listen closely. It’s the wisdom in turning quiet, in listening.

As Spring is approaching through the Air and the Earth, through the Hazel tree, through the Snowdrops and the Crocuses, through the Sun, my body is shifting. She’s moving with the Elements that carry the first signs of Spring. Signs of a Rebirth. Signs of Reigniting that Inner Fire.

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