Winter, a Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse and my Moontime

Mama Earth has been drumming a low, grounding and slow beat since Winter arrived. With her came the cold wind which can hurt my ears and can turn my fingers and toes numb. The cold, crisp air also softly sways my body, my hands. A sacred teacher, invited through opened up windows. I know you. The Earth beneath my feet feels so strong. Feels so presently radiant. It feels like she pulls my being to the ground, she feels so extremely grounding right now.

When I take my time to look around me, feel the cold air dance and the grounding Earth. When I follow the pace of Winter, my body recognizes it strongly, lovingly, willingly. It feels natural. I hear her drumming her medicine into the Air, into the Ground, into the Cold. It’s low, it’s slow. It’s Grounding. It’s Medicine.

She invites me to bring my strength to my roots. To let them grow more strong, more deep. I feel they grow through being present. Swaying with the drum of my heart, of Winter. Through listening. It makes me spread my hands, making space for the dark, for my womb, for turning inwards, for turning more and more silent, for slowing down, for releasing and cleansing.

A time of hibernation. Quietly moving through spaces, fields, teachings, eye openers, internal and creative processes. A lot of movement underneath the surface. Deep within nurturing my roots. Expanding my roots.

I feel the rhythm of Winter so clearly. The drum of Winter moves my being, it moves the drum of my heart. I am aligning myself to the beat and then there it was, my cleansing time. My quiet time. My turning, even, more inwards time; my Moontime arrived on this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse.

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