And then all of a sudden it’s January. A new year appeared on the horizon. Yet, to me, it feels more like another beautiful night that turned into another beautiful day. Seasons tell me more. Their whispers of change in the air move me. Connect with my body, talk to my heart, embrace my intuition. It’s what I know. What my body knows, what my heart and intuition know.

When Winter came and the longest hours of darkness wrapped around me comforting like a blanket I could sense the shift. In Nature and in myself. The period of deep cleansing, releasing, of self reflection cracked through the light.

Sitting with myself for longer periods of time are asking me to manifest. As is living each moment in full awareness and consciousness. What am I doing right now? Not tomorrow, next week or next month. What am I doing right now that makes my heart dance and ignites my inner fire? Today after almost a month I painted again. Another Earth Lady walked out of my hands so swiftly. I felt no pressure from myself only the strong desire to let my hands move, to let my hands guide me; always bringing medicine.

When I thought about this new cycle that has started, the word Expansion was brought to the surface. Expansion in love, in growth, in acceptance, in consciousness, in All matters it may touch.

I am settling into Winter, into myself. Dancing with the seasons, with the cycle and I’m listening, listening, listening.

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