Winter Solstice, Capricorn season and a Full Moon in Cancer

Yesterday was overflowing with feeling grateful, so many beautiful and kind human beings surrounded me. It was a beautiful day. At night I carved out time to sit with myself and the Cosmos to celebrate and to welcome the Winter Solstice and Capricorn season. Heart warming and eye opening thoughts came up, I turned quiet, honored and celebrated.

At the end of my last Kundalini yoga class of the year I wished and promised myself that I am going to (keep) working on being more conscious of my own inner strength and to fully step into her. I smiled at the wish and promise I made myself. What a way to softly step into a new season. The season of change gave me a lot. A lot of realizations, eye openers, medicine and healing. A season full of abundance completely in its own way. On this Winter Solstice through the longest hours of darkness the light is born again. A new beginning is birthed. During this new season I will keep embracing the dark as the light is slowly on his way to outweigh the dark. A time to self-reflect, to keep on discovering my inner shadow and through this to be firmly rooted deeper into my own inner strength. A new beginning where I am slowly being birthed from light.

We passed the peak of darkness and I am finding beauty in balancing these two aspects of myself. The eternal darkness and the eternal light that reside within me. It is something to honor today as the Moon is Full and in Cancer. Let her bright Fullness remind me I am always birthed from both. I am taking the time today to go slow, to set intentions and to honor new beginnings. I reread the words this morning that I wrote on the New Moon in Cancer on the 13th of July
It is time to lay the foundation, to let my inner roots grow. This is my intention for this New Moon. Listen to my inner voice, sit down with myself and the Cosmos as much as possible, honor my body and to thank her with each step I take. Let these be my focus, goals and intentions for the upcoming time until, at least, the Full Moon in Cancer on 22nd of December. Place myself into my inner being and let the inner fire burn.”

To lay my inner foundation, I knew I had to be outside, connecting with Mama Earth and thought I had to walk in such a way I would cross country borders. It All showed me this wasn’t what I needed to do. It brought me back to my hometown. It brought me to the places of Mama Earth I knew as a kid. I didn’t have to cross borders of countries but my own. I am and have been earthing in my hometown. I am reconnecting, rediscovering. I keep on bringing myself home to myself.

So I am stepping into this new season of winter and the Capricorn season willing to self reflect and to welcome transformations. And also with a sense of coming home.

So today I am greeting the beautiful Full Moon with arms wide open. Listening to my heart, my intuition. Welcoming this new beginning. Dancing with the cycle. Creating my own home in- and outside myself. Learning when to slow down and when to pick up my pace. I am opening my heart for this new season, this new beginning. Opening my heart for transformations. Balancing darkness and light within me. Pushing through when it is necessary and also being real gentle with myself. Growing my inner roots and finding my inner strength help me to lay my inner foundation. Giving me medicine and healing for transformations. For growth. I am allowing myself to emerge completely at my own pace.

A time to self-reflect and welcome and embrace this transformational time. Dear Winter, dear Capricorn season and dear Full Moon I am creating time and space for you all.

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