The wisdom of my intuition

When I open my eyes in the morning the darkness greets me, during late afternoons it descends. A time period centered around darkness. The past couple weeks my intuition strongly invited me to trust her, to dance along with her. I have been finding myself dancing around my inner fire, with closed eyes listening to and following my intuition. Oh, where she’ll guide me…

Everyday again and again I remind myself of having to surrender to the process. At the moment I am taking each step fully and completely based on intuition & trust and I can slowly but surely feel myself getting to ‘the other side’ of fear and doubt. The darkness has been inviting me to move through change and this alignment feels so right. From the darkness I am birthed. A time to prepare myself for laying down sweet, nourishing, soft and warm soil for change, for creating new possibilities, to sow new seeds.

I am opening my eyes to all the wisdom surrounding me. The wisdom of the darkness, the wisdom of the bare trees, the wisdom of the cold, the wisdom of turning inwards, the wisdom of changing seasons, the wisdom of me being a cyclical being, the wisdom of my heart. The wisdom of my intuition. Oh, to listen to what they can teach me…

I am promising myself to find the thoughts that nourish me, the food, the tea, the practices, the acts that nourish me and to welcome them with arms wide open.

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