a Poem to the Fire, sacred fire

Fire, sacred fire
in which I dance

as do your flames,
they warm my skin
and remind me of my inner fire

I ask you,
to assist me in the midst of the flame

to remind me
of what needs to be let go of
a previous life, a broken heart,
emotional weight, the longing for certain words

guide me to the flames

to be in the midst of
my sadness, my broken heart, my tears

remind me to
allow myself to move through it,
to allow them my presence,
to allow myself to familiarize myself with them,
to allow them to be

remind me to let it all dance with the flames,
to let me dance with the flames,
to let it all go with the smoke and the wind

that’s where I will dance,
to receive cleansing

Fire, sacred fire

Gepubliceerd door IJsselvrouw

Creaties voor jouw dagelijkse rituelen

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