A beginning

It is a combination of a blooming flower, which, with one petal at the time, opens herself. She blooms. I would call it an act of unfolding, opening. Just like that, we are able to see her core. And when I look around, September twirls in the air, dances in the wind. Grapes are ready to eat, I see an abundance of apples and pears hanging from the trees.
I see a beginning, one which holds the combination of unfolding and abundance.

With this September I promised myself to create a beginning for the things I have been wanting to do for a long time. I promised myself to wholeheartedly say yes to things I want to do despite fear and to also have the guts to say no to whatever it may be which does not feel right. I promised to meet and exit my comfort zones. I am letting go of my old ways of dealing with fear. I am on my way of healing this, by listening, listening, listening and by saying yes through fear and by saying no through discomfort.

And so began my journey with Kundalini yoga and pottery. I can feel my being expanding. Full with excitement and love. When I listened to my heart, it became easier to hear her. To wear her more openly. To let all the love in and to feel all the love. I am also volunteering at a beautiful, beautiful place which is making my heart dance as well. It is all resulting in wearing a much more expanded and open heart. And I am still so grateful for the fact that the act of painting is flowing so freely.

I am promising myself to see all the ways in which abundance can show itself in my life. In all its forms and ways. And this is definitely one of them.
For the upcoming weeks, let’s say this September, I am promising myself to look with a bit more of a long-term vision. To do some planning, all the while, while I am listening to my heart very closely. So, on top of the inner roots I am still growing, I am able to build my own foundation with practices that take flight from my heart. To always be guided by my intuition.

I am very aware of this new beginning and I am aware of the ways in which abundance is present in my life. I am proud of myself for moving through fear and learning and taking it into practice when my heart wants to say either yes or no, to do so.

A beginning full of unfolding and abundance.

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