When all aligns

…and as the Moon came into fullness so did my change. The change in my life came into fullness right when the beautiful Moon did. Without much planning but I always catch myself realizing how every decision feels led by every cell, every spark of intuition that knows exactly when, what is right. As the Full Moon invites, it is a time when set intentions blossom. A time to celebrate.

The change I set to embark on appeared closer and closer on the horizon with each day. With the Full Moon we moved out of our little cocoon, stepping into a new chapter. This year back in January on the New Moon in Capricorn I set intentions for blossoming on the Full Moon in Capricorn in June. I had somewhat of a slow, walking through honey kinda start of this year. Looking back now, for a while I focused way too much on the sticky and feeling stuck part and way too little on the sweet part of it. The slow, sticky and stuck start allowed necessary room for diving within, being present in my heart, finding my inner centre and allowing self love to blossom wildly. It was exactly what I needed. Now, as I am exhaling these past six months I am overcome with a feeling of pride for listening to my heart, for allowing myself to feel all emotions and going through them, for making room for acceptance, for self love, for talking and for slowing down and for creating space for more room.

The last relics of honey on the heels of my feet are disappearing. And as I am moving, going through phases so is the Moon. The Moon is waning and I move with her. I deep clean and cleanse internally and externally and do what needs to be done so I am able to let go and release with both hands. I am learning to let the past have a death. To honor endings which become new beginnings. To honor the life/death/life cycle. Something must come to an end for a new beginning to arrive and that’s where I am finding myself very consciously at the moment.

This morning I fell to my knees because of how in awe I am of this body. I adore her and the phases of her cycle. My Moontime had arrived. A time to release the old energy in my body. A time to release and let go.

An ending has come, a death has arrived and with that a new beginning – new life is unfolding. As I am moving through this phase I am listening to my heart, my inner centre, to my Moontime it is a time of releasing old energy, letting go of the past and everything it has entailed.

I turn quiet, listen and see… oh, when it all aligns.

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