River of painted birds

At the moment, I feel more silent. I don’t feel like I have less to say. But I am trying to figure out what exactly it is I am trying to say and finding the right words in the process.
From December 15th (2016) to February 12th (2017) we were in Uruguay I already once described our time there as; “From exploring Montevideo to going more land inwards and spending time in Minas, visiting extremely touristy beaches, to grounding in the sierras of Rocha to experiencing candombe, oh what an amazing two months it has been. I will forever remember the yerba mate, the candombe, the accent, every town having the same street names, the friendly people, 3 hour bus rides instead of something like 30 hour bus rides ah and so much more. Uruguay, yes. You wild but somehow calming thing.”
I still, feel like those words describe our time in Uruguay best, along with pictures because man, I love pictures. They are still this personal, magical thing which captures a split second in time somewhere on this planet.

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