I looked up at the pitch black, starry sky and I could literally see thousands of stars. There was no moon to be seen, no sound to be heard. Just me gazing up at the sky and while I thought ‘night is merely day in the dark’ I chuckled at myself.
We are currently close to Rocha, Uruguay and if I would chronically write about the places we have been since my last ‘travel’ update I would write about crossing the border from Brazil to Argentina and arriving in Buenos Aires and I guess, let’s give it a try…
For a ridiculously long time I haven’t even been trying to write about our time in Buenos Aires, not even one attempt. I guess one of the reasons being that it felt oddly familiar. People told us before, plus I also read in certain places, how it in many ways has an European feel to it. Some even describe it as Parisian like. And yeah, sure, I can see that.

Sometimes there isn’t a whole lot to say and I am embracing that as well. I enjoyed BS AS, it was wonderful meeting up with our friend Sole who we met during our time traveling through Spain, plus I enjoy going to museums and getting to know work of artists I did not know before, that’s exciting to me. And the simple fact of knowing that my father has been to that city, that he has seen it, that he can picture it that felt all sorts of warming. To know that’s an experience I can share with one other human being that’s close to me feels so good.

And next to that yes, in a way a big city is also just that; a big city with lots of noise, people, distractions… But I gotta say this, our days there I really enjoyed and that’s pretty much what it all comes down to. Having a fucking good time wherever you are.
And you know what the funny thing is, I am finally posting this now, when we are back in Buenos Aires.

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